Why Plan Ahead?

People don’t like to think about death — but nearly everyone pays a significant amount of money to the funeral industry once or more during their lives — some people pay more for a funeral than for the down payment on a home.

When people make funeral arrangements for a loved one who has died, they do it at, perhaps, one of the most vulnerable moments of their lives. They are grieving, perhaps in shock, and probably sleep deprived. They don’t have time to shop around. They feel guilty about negotiating over funeral prices, that it will seem like “shortchanging” their deceased loved one. Perhaps they feel reluctant to challenge the expertise of the funeral director, even though the funeral director may be recommending arrangements which they don’t want.

When survivors are worrying about funeral arrangements and the money to pay for them, they are distracted from the really important work at hand, which is the grieving process and the healing which follows.

The result: Survivors can end up agonizing over funeral decisions and prices instead of spending time with their families and friends, possibly paying thousands of dollars for funeral arrangements which are far more elaborate than what they wanted.

Planning ahead lessens personal hardship for your survivors because when they know your wishes regarding funeral arrangements they can concentrate more on their grief — which is what they need to do — and less on the “arrangements.”.

Planning ahead lessens financial hardship because your survivors are less likely to overpay for funeral arrangements if they know your wishes and if they are given accurage information about fair prices.

Click here to learn more about how the Los Angeles Funeral Society helps people to plan ahead.

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