One way to plan ahead

Here is how the Los Angeles Funeral Society works: When you join the LAFS, you receive (by mail) an “Instructions to Mortuary” form, a list of cooperating mortuaries throughout Los Angeles County, and some helpful materials about funeral planning. After reviewing the mortuary list and the available plans, you select one of the cooperating mortuaries and indicate your choice, along with the preferred funeral plan and other instructions, if any, on the form. After you return the form to LAFS, our office supplies a copy to the selected mortuary and that copy is placed on file at the mortuary. Our office maintains a record of the mortuary which you have selected, and you may change your selection, and any other instructions, at any time.

Click here to see an explanation of the three basic plans (Direct Cremation, Direct Burial, Burial with Service)

You’re almost done, but you still need to perform the most important step in the planning process: You place a copy of the “Instructions to Mortuary” form in a safe place, perhaps with other estate planning papers such as a will, trust or durable power of attorney for health care, and you inform your family or close friends about your LAFS membership and the location of your important documents, including the “Instructions to Mortuary” form.

Upon death, your survivors contact the selected mortuary (or the LAFS office which can inform them regarding the identity of the mortuary which you have selected). The mortuary staff consults your file and reviews with your survivors the preferences which you indicated regarding funeral arrangements, and the special prices for LAFS members for those arrangements.

In the LAFS program, you do not pre-pay for funeral arrangements and you or your survivors may change your arrangements at any time.

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